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We provide high quality training in a friendly atmosphere – regarded as one of the best obedience training facilities in North Staffordshire and South Cheshire.

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Trentham Dog Training School
Friendly training for all dogs and owners.

We welcome all dogs and owners for obedience training from puppy stage to advanced levels.

All our training is done using lots of praise and rewards (usually in the form of treats or toys). We stock a range of suitable treats, training toys and equipment (for dogs) and tea and coffee (for humans!).

There are toilet facilities on-site for humans - please read the simple rules regarding dog waste.

See below for details of training session times.


Direct Dogs
For all canine TV, film and photographic work.

Looking for a particular breed? Maybe you want a scruffy little dog with bags of character? Perhaps you're not sure what you're looking for, but have a good idea of the role it will play.

Direct Dogs can provide the right dog for your production.

See our Media section below for examples of our work, and contact me on 01782 374411 or use the contact details found at the bottom of the page to give us a quick outline of the requirements.


Image of Su Harvey

Su Harvey M.B.I.P.D.T.
Head Trainer, Dog Behaviourist, Proprietor of TDTS and Direct Dogs

Su Harvey has worked as a Dog Trainer and Behaviourist for over 35 years and is well known for her extensive knowledge of dog training techniques. She has appeared in the media discussing dog-related issues and responded to radio phone-ins from concerned callers. A longstanding Member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (MBIPDT), Su keeps up to date with current industry best practice. She is assisted by a number of instructors, each an experienced dog handler and identified in School by their black overalls.

Click here to email Su Harvey or call 01782 374411 for more information.

Opening Times and Fees


Opening Times

IMPORTANT: Enrolment in advance is necessary - please do not turn up without already being enrolled via our Facebook, email or telephone.

Puppies under 6 months:
First lesson - 6.00pm Fridays then Wednesdays at 6.45pm thereafter.

Puppy classes introduce:
• Socialisation with other dogs and people
• Heelwork
• Sit and stay
• Recalls (calling your dog back to you).

Adult Dogs & Puppies over 6 months:
Enrolment & first lesson: 6.00pm Fridays.
Then subsequent classes are on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday at 6.45pm.

More advanced classes may further develop the skills you and your dog have learnt over the weeks. This can include distance work, seek and other skills.



The fees for a course of 10 consecutive weeks are:
• £105 for the first course
• £100 for the second course
• £95 for the third course
• £90 thereafter.

We can accept CASH or BACS payment.

Please note: a current Vet vaccination certificate must be produced on registering.

If you would like to discuss any issues before attending (particularly serious behavioural problems your dog has displayed), please use the contact details at the bottom of this page or telephone us on 01782 374411.

We can assist with problems you may have with your dog but it may be best dealt with away from the regular classes as the distraction of other dogs may hinder progress. We have turned around the lives of many traumatised and neglected rescue dogs brought to us.

One to one consultations are available by appointment only.  These are suitable for anyone whose dog is showing aggression, very nervous dogs or for problems that you feel you may need extra help with.
The cost is £95 for approximately 1 hour.

A few simple rules

Obviously, this is very important to us and we ask that visitors be aware of what their dog is doing at all times.

We welcome children, but we do ask that they behave appropriately. Distracting behaviour can be detrimental to the concentration of the dogs and handlers in the arena - this could result in a dangerous situation.

Please wear suitable clothing for training - sturdy footwear and casual trousers are best - warm clothing in winter months. We've known someone to arrive in heels (it WAS a woman I add) - of course she did find it difficult to control her dog!

We request that owners bring plastic bags to collect their own dog's 'deposits' and take them away from the site. There are a number of disinfectant sprays situated around the school to spray areas when your dog has had a wee or poo.


Trentham Dog Training School is housed in a purpose-built indoor training school with non-slip sand floor. You can find us at Hartwell Lane, between Rough Close and Barlaston, on the outskirts of Stone, and just a short drive from the Potteries. (SATNAV ST15 8TL) We are next door to Stoke Rugby Club.

Please use the left hand drive as you enter. On busy nights please park close to other vehicles.

Good Pup, Good Dog

Good Pup, Good Dog book cover

If you can't make it to a course of lessons then the next best thing is to follow the simple steps within our book 'Good Pup, Good Dog' (£9.99 + p & p).

In it you will find answers to the kind of questions that arise from owning a dog, from puppy through to adult.

You can order it using the contact details below or by calling 01782 374411.

Direct Dogs' Film & TV Work

If you are in Film, TV production or Advertising then you have found the right company for the right dog!

Whatever your brief, Direct Dogs can help find the right dog for your production - Direct Dogs is the complete resource for canine TV, film and photographic work in the Midlands and North West of England.

Take a look at the examples below and then use the contact details at the bottom of the page to give us a quick outline of your project and requirements - or for more urgent requests call Su on 01782 374411.

Direct Dogs is situated in the Midlands within beautiful countryside and just an hour's drive from Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool and Manchester. We have over 150 trained dogs on the books of our sister company Trentham Dog Training School - including some rare breeds and, of course, crossbreeds of all shapes and sizes.

Su Harvey, Trentham Dog Training School/Direct Dogs
License Number: M090522

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Performing Certificate License

Su Harvey, Trentham Dog Training School/Direct Dogs
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Autoglass | TV Commercial | Early 2014
Avarice's Brace | A Short Drama | Director: Kieran Sadler
Brigade - 'Stunning' | Music Video | 2008
The Florin Street Band - 'My Favourite Time of Year' | Music Video


News of more events will be here soon - or visit our Facebook page.

Contact us

Click here to email Su Harvey (direct_dogs@btopenworld.com) or call 01782 374411 for more information.


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